This membership entitles you to all COUREUR discounts:


  • - 15% discount on Canyons plus free shipping
  • - 50% off 100%
  • - 35% off IRC Tires
  • - 40% off all Monuments of Cycling events - if you do two events that’s $160 in savings -  no other clubs will have discounts for MoC events.
  • - 35% Discount on all Giro, Bell and Blackburn products
  • - 20% off most everything at Velotown; this can include Queenstage. This would also include special events that we will be hosting at Velotown.
  • Club members cut to the front of the line for mechanical needs
  • Club members would also receive an additional 5% discount on kit purchases
  • Club members will receive free beer from Velotown after weekend rides. Rouleur is creating a special Velotown beer for us and Hamburger Hut


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